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Netball at the Olympics

Did you know that Netball is not an Olympic Sport?    Women were first able to compete in the Olympic Games in 1900 in just 3 events, tennis, croquet and golf. Despite Netball’s worldwide...

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Helen Housby to receive MBE

Helen Housby, the 28-year-old shooter who made her debut for the Vitality Roses in 2014, has been honoured with an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) as part of the King’s New Year...

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Why You Should Play Netball At The Weekend

It has been scientifically proven that playing sports at the weekend is just as beneficial to our health as it is to playing sport during the week. Why? Well there are multiple reasons and one of...

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History of Netball

The history of Netball is fascinating! The game of Netball can loosely be dated back to the 1890s after basketball was invented by James Naismith to entertain a group of 18 young men at the School...

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How to defend against a tall Goal Shooter!

One of the most common questions that comes up at our leagues is 'how to defend against a tall Goal Shooter?'   Defending against a tall goal shooter in netball can be a challenging but...

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Let’s Talk Mental Health

Let's talk about mental health because let's be real, we don't talk about it enough. We might be given one week in the year to mark mental health awareness but mental health doesn't affect someone...

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Which Gilbert Netball Should You Be Using?

Gilbert Netballs are designed and developed to provide the best performance for all netballers. They have a variety of balls available for all players, including balls specific for indoor and...

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Mixed Netball, Would You Play?

Mixed netball is on the rise, with almost 20,000 adult men now playing netball regularly in either men’s or mixed teams across the country. The rules to mixed netball are the same as regular netball...

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Playing Netball: Indoor or Outdoor?

When asked the question where do you prefer to play netball; indoor or outdoor, the answer is always split. Personally I’ve always preferred playing outdoors then inside a hot, sweaty sports hall....

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