It has been scientifically proven that playing sports at the weekend is just as beneficial to our health as it is to playing sport during the week. Why? Well there are multiple reasons and one of them is that we enjoy playing sports more on the weekend. Carry on reading to find out why your body and mind will benefit to some weekend netball!

Time. When it comes to the weekend we are not restricted to how much time we give ourselves to exercise. With work out of the way, you can fit a game of netball whenever you like, and we have more motivation to participate. Instead of playing just one match, you’ll have that motivation to continue playing and sub for the match after yours.

Health. We already know that playing sports such as netball lowers our body fat and builds muscle strength, but playing netball at the weekend can boost your mental health as you’re spending more time interacting with people. Playing netball can help reduce anxiety, depression and alleviate low self-esteem. A better alternative to staying in.

Improve your skills. Fitting in that extra day playing netball can increase your netball performance. Plus, if you’ve got a match a couple of days later, the play and skills you’ve used at the weekend are fresh in your mind, resulting in a better performance in your weekday evening match.

We have over 20 new weekend leagues starting in February. To see if there’s one launching in your area, type in your town or postcode into our ‘find your nearest’ search bar.