Bounce Back to Play Netball

Take your skills to the next level! Join our fun and inclusive netball training masterclass before your league evenings!



If you’re looking to improve your game and enhance your netball skills whilst training with (and getting to know) the rest of your netball league, then our Netball Training sessions are perfect to you.

Our expert coaches and umpires are here to guide you through dynamic and engaging training sessions, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your netball journey and needing a complete netball re-fresh. These sessions will be great for those wanting to practice anything from your back-line and centre-passes, to working on your shooting, marking and attacking tactics and even tips on escaping your defender, all whilst working on your fitness too!

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What you can expect!

Here is a quick rundown of how our training sessions will work:


  • The sessions will run for one hour, either before the start of your usual league evening, or for an hour on a different day – this will be location specific.
  • Our expert coaches/umpires will be leading the training and will develop fun, inclusive and skilful sessions to help improve your gameplay and give you more confidence on court.
  • You will be placed in mixed groups during the session, so you can get to know other players in the league and make new friendships with players in different teams and divisions!
  • You will work on skills for all the different netball positions, not just your position! This way you can get a well-rounded knowledge and skillset, enabling you to play any position if required during your league games! (If you are short a player, or offering to sub for another team!)
  • The sessions will be mostly training drills and exercises, with some short game-play at the end of the session to practice those skills you’ve just learnt.
  • The coaches will make sure that everyone is has a good understanding of the rules, and will explain what is ‘contact’, ‘obstruction’, ‘footwork’ and other penalties during the sessions as it happens, helping you to avoid those fouls in your matches!
  • These sessions will be open to people new to Play Netball, and current Play Netball players.

Netball Training Sessions

If you are interested in joining us for a training session, please fill out the form below!

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