You’ve seen ads pop up on your Facebook and Instagram about a new netball social league starting in your area, and although the ad looks very appealing, you’re still not sure whether to join. This could be because it’s not a league associated with England Netball and so you’re not 100% confident on how well this social league is run. At Play Netball, everyone, from head office to match night coordinators, have a passion for netball which is why our leagues are so popular and valued by everyone who participates in them. Below are five great reasons why you should consider joining a Play Netball social league:

We welcome everyone. Most of the players who join our social leagues all tell us the same thing, “I haven’t played since school, can I still join?” Yes, you can! We welcome all ages and abilities, which is what makes our leagues inclusive; no one is turned away. Also, a lot of our leagues have different divisions within that league so most teams will be playing against other teams of the same ability so your matches will feel more equal and fair.

We lean more towards having fun then competitiveness.  Although winning is a great feeling, that is not what our leagues are about. They are about fitting in some exercise, meeting new people and having lots of fun. Our aim is for everyone to feel comfortable when playing in our leagues. Our umpires and match night coordinators always make sure everyone feels supported and if there’s any questions or issues you may have during your game, they are there to help. And if your team does win your match, that a nice bonus to your night!

Image of netball team

We’re hassle free. One of the best things about our leagues is teams do not have to worry about sourcing umpires or scorers, or even bring their own netball. Play Netball handle all of this for you, so all teams need to do is turn up and play. And if your team is ever short of players one week we do have Facebook groups for each individual league which you can post on to either find your own subs or for the match night coordinator to help find some for you.

You don’t need to already be in a team. This is probably the best benefit players have when joining our leagues. Unlike other leagues where they only accept team registrations, we welcome individual registrations. Over 80% of players who register with us did so alone. We will put the individuals who have signed up into a brand new team and from this new team, you will not only be playing netball every week, but you’ve just made 6 new best friends, to the point you’d forgotten that you did originally sign up alone.

We do more than just play netball. Our name maybe Play Netball but we do a lot more than provide netball matches for teams. Throughout the year we run various competitions, tournaments and awards for teams (and umpires) to participate in. Prizes can be anything from netballs, team bibs, to gift vouchers. You can keep up with everything that we’re up to by following our Facebook and Instagram page.

Ready to play netball with us? You can find your nearest league by typing in your city or postcode in our ‘find your nearest league’ search bar at the top of our website.


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