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Every year teams, umpires and coordinators are given the opportunity to win awards and prizes. Play Netball will choose the award titles which everyone can vote for. There are typically five winners for each award. Winners are randomly selected and announced on our Facebook page. Various prizes are offered to the winners.

If teams or umpires have any suggestions for new awards please email us at [email protected]



I live for Tuesday nights now. I love the league.
Plymouth League
The Portsmouth Umpires are so friendly and welcoming. They make the evening really enjoyable. I went as an individual and was really nervous, but really glad I went.
Julie - Portsmouth League
My friend recommended Play Netball to me. I am so glad she did.
Katie - Basingstoke League
I was put in a team as an individual in May but 6 months later we are still together and really good friends. The umpire, Sarah is really good. Super friendly and helpful.
Norwich League
Wednesday League is so much fun. Highly Recommend Joining!
Becky Jane - Stoke-on-Trent - Wednesday League