Gilbert Netballs are designed and developed to provide the best performance for all netballers. They have a variety of balls available for all players, including balls specific for indoor and outdoor use. So which Gilbert netball should you get? Carry on reading to find out.

Gilbert Spectra (Available in sizes 4 & 5):

This ball is made using a blended rubber surface and a synthetic latex bladder. It also has a pebble like grip that does not wear down as quickly, making it the ideal ball to use for outdoor matches. It comes in a variety of colours, making you spoilt for choice!

Gilbert Flare (Available in sizes 4 & 5):

One of Gilberts top balls which is perfect for elite level clubs. The softer nature of this netball leads to a greater surface texture when held in the players’ hands, ultimately increasing grip and performance. This ball is best suited when playing matches inside.

Gilbert Pulse (Available in sizes 4 & 5):

The Pulse Match Netball can be used on any surface and is ideal for beginners or those getting back into netball. It’s pebble like grip prevents the ball from wearing down as quickly compared to other balls. This is the perfect ball to bring to your training sessions and is available in a range of colours.

Gilbert Signature Netball (Available in sizes 4 & 5):

Fancy a ball designed by one of your favourite netball stars? Gilbert have a range of signature netballs with fun designs and motivational quotes to get you into the spirit.

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