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Team Mentions – August 2021

At Play Netball, we are trying to reduce our contribution to plastic waste, which is why when a team wins a season we have suggested instead of trophies, teams can receive a new ball or set of bibs. However, one of our winners from the Newbury Wednesday league, Victorious Secrets politely declined and instead asked for a contribution to be donated to The Netball Development Trust, which we accepted.

£35 has been donated to The Netball Development Trust, who are a UK registered charity which delivers netball at grassroots level to children in some of the least developed regions in the world, most notably Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. They use netball as a tool to bring communities together and deliver ‘sexual and reproductive health’ awareness to boys and girls. If you wish to find out more about the charity, please visit

With there being so many great charitable organisations around, we’ve decided to now make donations to a chosen charity an option for all winning teams when selecting a prize. None of the other prize categories will be removed but we hope to see many more of our teams, like Victorious Secrets choose this alternative when claiming their prize.

If any of our teams have a story they wish to share and to be mentioned in our blog, please email us at

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