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Existing Teams:

Can all existing teams please sign up all their players. You can still pay as just the captain and collect fees yourself or we can split the season fee amongst all the players but we would like everyone in your team to register so that we have a database of players playing in our league and can see if any team is struggling for players so we can help them source new players. You will only need to sign up once (not every season).

New Individuals:

Looking to play netball but don’t have a team? That’s no problem you can sign up by yourself and we will get you into a team. There are many options for individual players, sometimes teams request new players and we can get you in that way but the biggest way we get in new players is by creating brand new teams of 10 individuals and adding your team into our league.

New Groups

If 2-6 of you would like to play netball but want to stay together as a group then this is the option for you. There are many options for our groups, the best way usually for groups to get into our leagues is we match you with another group of players and form you together to create a brand new team and enter that team into our league.

New Teams

If you have 7+ players then you can sign up as a team. If there is a space in our league then your team can start straight away. If there is no space then we will add you to our waiting list and get your team in for the new season.