Over the month of August, Play Netball gave teams from all leagues the opportunity to take part in our Summer Awards. The purpose of the Summer Awards was not just for teams to win some prizes (even though we all love prizes), but was also a chance to show the recognition all our teams deserve and how far everyone has come along since they first started playing in our leagues. This is why we chose award titles which were not just about praising those who win games every week, but for those who show enthusiasm and fairness within their gameplay. After all, we are a social league for women who play for fun.

We saw our Summer Awards as a success with so many teams and umpires taking part by nominating those they felt most deserving, we even had a double winner with Jägers scoring the most goals and their captain also winning an award! All nominations which were sent into us were placed into an online drawing hat and picked out randomly. We found this to be the fairest way when selecting our winners. Our full list of winners are:

Most Improved Teams – prize netball bibs

Odd Balls Ashford League

Emerald Shots Crawley Monday League

Saffires Reading League.

Most Motivational Captain – prize Gilbert ball

June Errington from Flames – Stevenage
Samantha Fenner from Flyballers – Southend-on-Sea Monday
Sophie Eastes from Jägers – Rochester

Highest Goals Scored – prize Gilbert ball

Jägers Rochester league with 57 goals.

‘The Spirit of Netball Award’- prize netball bibs

Hotshots Bognor League

Now that the Summer Awards are over and with winter vast approaching, Play Netball has decided to run one more award season to end 2021. This next award season will see new categories for teams and players to compete for, as well as the umpires and coordinators getting a chance of winning a prize too! Everyone can keep an eye on the build up to this next award season through our Facebook page and league Facebook groups. Until then, carry-on playing netball.

If anyone who plays in one of our leagues wishes to contribute their thoughts as to how we can make the Awards even better, please fill in this quick survey.