Getting into space

Tips for getting into space on court.


Getting into space while playing netball is crucial for creating scoring opportunities and helping your team maintain possession of the ball. Here are some tips to help you get into space effectively on the netball court:


Constant Movement:
Don’t stay static; keep moving at all times. Use quick changes of direction, dodges, and feints to shake off your defender. Moving unpredictably makes it harder for your opponent to mark you.


Change of Pace:
Vary your speed when moving on the court. Suddenly accelerating or slowing down can catch your defender off guard and create space for yourself.


Be aware of your position on the court relative to the ball and your teammates. Use dodging techniques to position yourself between your defender and the ball, making it easier for your teammates to pass to you.


Lateral Movement:
Don’t just move forward and backward; use lateral movements to find gaps in the defence. Sidestepping or cutting across the court can help you get open.


Use the Full Width of the Court:
Don’t limit yourself to a small area. Make use of the entire width of the court to create space. Stretch the defence by moving from side-line to side-line.


Anticipate the Play:
Try to anticipate where the ball is going and position yourself accordingly. If you can read the game well, you’ll often know where to position yourself to receive the ball as the game moves down court.


Be Patient & Create Opportunity:
Sometimes, waiting for the right moment is the best strategy. Don’t rush into positions that are heavily defended. Create your own opportunities and use your skills to go for a gap.


By practicing these tips and developing your netball skills, you’ll become a more effective player and a valuable asset to your team.



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