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How long does a season last?

The length of a season is dependent on how many teams are in the league/division. For example, if there are 6 teams in the division you will play each team twice resulting in a 10-week season. If there are 8 teams this would be a 14-week season.

Are matches played all year round?

Yes, once a season ends, the new season will begin the following week. In leagues with more divisions there will be promotions/demotions between seasons. We break over Christmas, but otherwise matches are played year-round.

How much does it cost to play?

Match fees are £42.50 per team, paid through our online system at the start of a season.

If you forfeit a match, you still pay your match fee.  If you fail to inform us by 5pm on the day of the fixture that you are forfeiting, you will also be liable for your oppositions match fee as well.

What happens if our opponent forfeits the match?

If your opponent forfeits, you will win the match 10-0 by default. We endeavour to notify any affected teams as soon as we are aware of a forfeit both via email and Facebook.

You will be offered a friendly or use of the pitch for training during the allocated match time.  If you decide not to utilise either option, you will be refunded your match fee.

What happens if we need to forfeit a game?

Please notify us as early as possible if you cant make a match.  Unfortunately we run a tight schedule of matches so it is not possible to rearrange a fixture to another night/week. Therefore if you cant make a game, the result is given to your opposition as a 10-0 victory.

If you notify us before 5pm on the day of the fixture, then you will just have to pay your match fee as normal. We can then look at alternative arrangement for your opposition.

If you notify us after 5pm, due to late notice you will also be liable for your opposition match fee.

What if my team does not have enough players?

If you are short of players for any of your matches you can borrow players from other teams within the league. Teams that borrow more than 3 subs, their game will be classed as a friendly and the opposition wins 10-0. We encourage teams to not use subs instead of their own players that are present on the night.


If you need more regular players for your team please email [email protected] and we can allocate players from the waiting list.

Do I need to bring/wear anything in particular?

You just need to wear appropriate sportswear to play in. We suggest trainers with good grip, and then to wear regular sportswear.

Can I wear jewellery/have long nails?

We follow England Netball Rulings on jewellery therefore only a plain wedding band/medical bracelet may be worn whilst playing but both must be taped.  All other jewellery including fitness trackers and ear piercings must be removed before you take the court.  Nails must be short and smooth.  All umpires reserve the right to refuse to allow a player to take the court if they do not abide by these rules

Do I need to be affiliated to England Netball?

No, we are not an England Netball affiliated league so there is no need for you to affiliate with them to play.

I haven’t played since school and don’t remember the rules – can I still join?

Of course you can. Players of all abilities are welcome to join our leagues.  Our umpires are very friendly and will help you pick the rules back up.  The majority of our players were in the same position as you at some point, and you will pick it back up in no time.

If I sign up as an individual will I be put in a team with players of a similar age to me?

We do not ask players their age when they sign up so we cannot guarantee that team mates will be of a similar age. Our only requirement is that players are over 18.  But if you end up joining a team and feel out of place because of a difference in age please do let us know so that we can look at placing you in a different team

Do you run training sessions?

No, we only organise matches each week.

What happens if it rains?

Some of our leagues play outdoors and being in the UK that means the weather can affect play. We monitor the weather every day and talk to the coordinators and umpires throughout the day to determine whether matches go ahead.  Decisions will be made no later than 5pm and updates will be posted on Facebook and emailed to teams.

If the decision is made to play matches and the weather gets worse the umpires will make the decision at the start of the match as to whether it is safe for play to go on. If it starts raining partway through a match, umpires will stop play if they feel it is getting dangerous.

Am I able to pay weekly or in cash

Play Netball operates a cashless service.  All payments are made via our online system.  It is not possible to pay weekly, we require payment in advance of the season start.  We have a good function in the system which allows the captain to share the payment amount team so each player can pay their portion of the fee directly in the system.

My match was cancelled part way through – what happens to the score?

If a match is not finished the score is dependent on how much of the game was played. If at least half the match is played the score stands as it is when play stopped.  If play is stopped before half-time then we will try to rearrange the match for later in the season.  If this is not possible for whatever reason, we will contact both teams to find a different solution.

What if the courts aren’t very good?

We hire all our venues so have limited control over the condition of the courts, posts etc. If you have any concerns over the condition of the venue, please notify us so that we can talk to the venue to get things resolved.

How are points awarded for matches?

  • 6 points for a win
  • 4 points for a draw
  • 1 point for a loss
  • 1 Bonus Point for losing but getting at least half your opponent’s score.

I am pregnant – Can I play?

No, we follow England Netballs latest guidelines that state that pregnant women should not play netball. If an umpire is aware you are pregnant, they have the right to not allow you to play.  It is for your safety so please respect their decision.

Do I need to sign up for each season?

Don’t worry, you will automatically be registered into the next season unless you choose to opt-out by giving the notice as per our terms.

What if I want to exit the league?

You can leave the league at the end of a season by giving at least 1 week’ notice prior to the end of the season, this means by midnight the day of your second to last fixture.

What are you doing in regards to Covid-19

We have a detailed plan and you can find more information via our dedicated Covid-19 page by clicking here.

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