Centre Pass Tips

Effective centre pass tips.


Centre pass tips and tactics to help you excel in during your centre passes and create scoring opportunities for your team.


Quick Release and Timing:
Timing is everything when it comes to the centre pass. To catch your opponents off guard, work on a quick release. The moment the umpire blows the whistle, pass the ball with precision to your teammates. A swift release will allow your attacking players to establish favourable positions and get past their opponents.


Vary your Passes:
Don’t become predictable with your centre passes. Mix it up by using a variety of pass options. Consider short, sharp passes to nearby players, or opt for longer, looping passes to players further down the court. By keeping your opponents guessing, you make it harder for them to intercept or mark your passes.


Be aware of your position on the court relative to the ball and your teammates. Use dodging techniques to position yourself between your defender and the ball, making it easier for your teammates to pass to you.


Be Vocal & Create Spaces:
Before making your centre pass, ensure that your attacking players have created space to receive the ball. Communicate the need for them to use quick footwork, dodges, and changes of direction to shake off their defenders. The attacking players need to create clear passing lanes and options for your centre pass.


Maintain Communication:
Effective communication is essential during centre passes. Use hand signals or verbal cues to let your teammates know your intended pass direction. Ensure that your teammates are aware of their roles and positions, so they can move into the right spaces to receive the ball.


Be Adaptable:
Adaptability is key in netball. If your initial centre pass option is blocked or defended, be ready to change your plan on the spot. Scan the court for alternative passing options and be prepared to adjust your pass based on the defensive pressure. Centre’s sometimes forget they can pass to their GD and WD during a Centre pass, so defence need to be ready to receive a pass at any time!


Mastering effective centre pass options in netball can be a game-changer for your team’s success. Quick releases, varied passes, creating space, maintaining communication, adaptability, and consistent practice are the keys to success!



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