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Playing Netball: Indoor or Outdoor?

When asked the question where do you prefer to play netball; indoor or outdoor, the answer is always split. Personally I’ve always preferred playing outdoors then inside a hot, sweaty sports hall. Even though you’ll find the Superleague played inside, Netball is considered a winter sport and is predominantly played outdoors. So why is it … Continued

Who We’d Like To See Play Centre At The Commonwealth Games

With the news of Serena Guthrie not putting her netball shoes back on due to her pregnancy and surprise retirement announcement back in March this year, the question of who will take her place in the starting 7 lineup is a conversation many of us have had. Now, we may not be Jess Thirlby and … Continued

Tips For Injury Prevention

It is a netball players greatest fear, not because of the pain from the injury, but due to the long period that is needed off the court to recover. A netball injury is very common, with the rate of injury for netball players being 14 for every 1,000 hours played, according to Australian Sport Commission. … Continued

Developing or Winning: What’s Your Goal?

This month we asked a few of the teams from our Play Netball leagues why they choose to play in our leagues every week. The majority said they played in our leagues to help develop their netball skill (some also said because our leagues are fun)! As a social league provider who encourages everyone to … Continued

Why Playing Netball Is More Fun As An Adult

You keep seeing netball leagues for adults pop up on social media but you haven’t played the sport since school and have forgotten nearly all the rules. Don’t worry, this is not a reason for you to not get back into the sport! In fact, since 2019 more than 319,400 adults play netball fortnightly, according … Continued

Umpiring Netball: Have You Got What It Takes?

Umpires (or Team White as they sometimes like to be called) fulfil the main duties for netball matches as well as being responsible for ensuring the general health and safety of all players. Without umpires, matches would not be able to go ahead. There is an extensive amount of mental and physical work that goes … Continued


Over the month of August, Play Netball gave teams from all leagues the opportunity to take part in our Summer Awards. The purpose of the Summer Awards was not just for teams to win some prizes (even though we all love prizes), but was also a chance to show the recognition all our teams deserve … Continued

Why Netball is Not Already An Olympic Sport

Netball is a sport which has never participated at the Olympics and the netball community sees this absence as a hinderance to the global growth of the game as well as depriving it of the funding and media attention compared to other sports. Despite previous lobbying efforts, it is not until now, with Brisbane holding … Continued

Birmingham 2022: Commonwealth Games

It may still be a year away, but anticipation is already high for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games where the world’s best netball teams will compete for gold under one roof. Of course, we’re all hoping for Vitality Roses to take gold once again after their successful 52-51 win against Australia back in 2018, and … Continued

Tips On Improving Your Netball Skills

At Play Netball we want everyone to have fun which is why we encourage everyone from all abilities to take part in our social leagues. Nevertheless, we understand a lot of you who do join haven’t played since school and are a little rusty when it comes to netball tactics. So, we thought it would … Continued