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Goalkeepers are often taller and slightly more physical players, who are prepared to aggressively protect their goal post! They have to stay alert so they can collect rebounds off the post and intercept passes, therefore having fast reactions is often vital. It is important for the Goalkeeper to be aware of what is happening out in front of them. This will allow them to read the attacking team’s movements and anticipate any interceptions, creating turnovers.

Goal Defence

The Goal Defence works closely with the goal keeper, they must support each other. GD players must have good skills of anticipation so they can block passes and get the ball out to their own attacking players. If you can read the game well, spot opposition passes before they’re played and are alert to ball interceptions, this position is for you.  The GD has more available space on court to play the ball than the GK, so should have decent stamina. As well as defending, they also need the skills of an attacker. The GD must initiate the attack by successfully getting the ball out of the defensive third, and assist the team in moving the ball down the court.

Wing Defence

As well as getting the ball forward, players in the Wing Defence position have to mark their opposing wing attack. The wing defence must be focused on the attacking opponents game play and good at controlling the ball. They should be ready at all times to pick up any tips or interceptions created by the circle defenders as well as playing a supporting backup role for the attackers down court.


The Centre is the engine of the team and they have to be quick thinking and creative with their play. Centre players manipulate how the game is played, regarding spacing, speed and structure. Centre players are normally the swiftest and fastest on the court, meaning they are quite often among the smallest players on the team with a lower centre of gravity. They usually receive the most passes than any other players on court and often receive low quick passes which makes it challenging for the taller defending players to get low and catch or intercept the ball.

Wing Attack

The Wing Attack is the Centre’s wing man! They must have a solid passing game and ball collecting skills. The WA is often the first person to receive the ball after the centre pass so needs to be quick off their feet from a stand still position. Speed is highly important for a Wing Attack as quick reactions are needed to receive the initial pass from the Centre is essential, as the Wing Attack needs to beat the opposing Wing Defence off the mark so the ball is not turned over. A Wing Attack needs the ability to open up space on the court so this position suits agile, speedy players.

Goal Shooter

The goal shooter must have precise and direct shooting skills from a variety of positions within the circle. Once the ball is inside the circle, the GS must work hard to secure a goal. They must also be able to react quickly, dealing with quick passes into the circle and alert to claim rebounds if one of the shooters are to miss. Goal shooters seem to have the steadiest hands on the court and are often among the taller players. Goal shooters are often calm individuals that do not succumb to pressure as at many points in the game; all eyes are on you!

Goal Attack

The goal attack must have both strong shooting abilities and strong post approach play. The goal attacks main duty is to work with the Wing Attack and Centre to bring the ball closer to the post and if possible to the Goal Shooter. Their passing must be quick and direct to give the shooter the best opportunity to score before the defenders have caught up. They must also be able to read the two circle defenders and plan the best route into the circle. As well as this, they must have extremely quick reactions to ensure they have a second shot on goal if there are any rebounds. The GA is often a taller, slightly more agile player with high stamina, yet technically skilled.

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I was put in a team as an individual in May but 6 months later we are still together and really good friends. The umpire, Sarah is really good. Super friendly and helpful.
Norwich League
Had a fantastic time tonight! Really enjoying myself and learning loads. Now becoming Netball-obsessed!!!
Sabrina - Nottingham League
Loving this league
Sarah - Swansea League
Brilliant league everybody friendly doing a great job
Stoke-on-Trent Wednesday
I love Worthing Tuesday league. It's so fun and a great way of getting fit with your friends. Such lovely people and umpires
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