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Start of Play

1. The Captains shall toss for choice of the goal end or first centre and notify the umpires and the scorers of the result.


1. Each game Play Netball will provide an Umpire to officiate the game.

2. Players need to respect any decision given by the umpire.

3. No descent will be tolerated towards umpires.


1. Games will be played in 4 equal quarters

2. Each quarter will be 8 minutes long

3. There will be a 1 minute rest period in between quarters

4. Games will start at the arranged time and any teams late will forfeit a goal every minute until they arrive.

Centre Pass

1. All players must be in their respective goal third for the centre pass.

2. When the centre who is taking the pass steps in the circle with wither one or two feet the whistle shall be blown and if any players are offside then a free pass will be given.

Out of Court

1. If the ball touches the ground out of the court it is out.

2. If the ball touches an object or a person in contact with the round outside of the court then it is out.

3. If the ball hits the goal post and stays in the court then it is NOT out of court.


1. If a player enters any area that is not designated for their position they will be judged offside.

2. However a player may reach into another area to retrieve the ball but their feet must not step into the area.

3. A free pass will be given if a player steps into an area that is not designated for their position.


1. There is no contact at all in Play Netball

2. Accidently or deliberately and a penalty pass or shot will be awarded.


1. A defending player can try and intercept or defend the ball as long as they are 3 feet away for the player with the ball.

2. Defending players can jump upwards or towards the player with the ball as long as they stay 3 feet away.

3. The defender is not obstructing if their arms are outstretched to: Catch the ball, intercept the ball or to deflect the ball.

4. A penalty pass or shot will be given when its applicable.


1. Players must call ‘time’ for the umpires to stop the game in the event of any injury.


1. A player cannot take a second step with their landing foot after they have received the ball.

2. If a player lands on both feet at the same time they can choose which one is the landing foot.

3. A free pass can be given if a footwork rule is broken.

Playing The Ball

1. A player may catch the ball, or direct it to another player, having bounced the ball once.

2. A player may only throw the ball from a standing position

3. A player cannot kick the ball

4. A player cannot strike the ball with their fist.


1. The penalized player must not attempt to take part in the play until the ball has left the hands of the thrower.

Toss Ups

1. The two players going for the toss-up must have their arms by their side and be stood 3foot away.

2. The ball can be caught or batted in any direction once the umpire releases the ball into the air.

7-a-Side Netball

1. Teams are allowed 7 players on the court at any time and can have as many players as they like in the squad.

2. A team that is fielding 4 or less players five minutes after the game has started will forfeit the match.

3. A team can play with 5 players. one of them MUST be centre.


Points Awarded

A Win – 6 Points

A Draw – 4 Points

A loss by less than half the opponents score – 2 Points

A loss by half or more than half the opponents score – 1 Point


1. If the umpire feels that each player has committed to the same ball and reached it at the same time. The whistle will not be blown and play will continue and only if the players do not let go of the ball the whistle will be blown and the umpire will do a toss-up.


1. Players must not wear any jewellery during play

2. Players nails need to be smooth and short

3. Wedding ring should be taped over

4. Not suitable for pregnant players over 12 weeks

The umpires are amazing, very supportive with great feedback and how to improve. They are a great bunch
Maidenhead League
The umpires are amazing. So helpful and informative. It’s great fun and really good atmosphere
Worthing League
Brilliant sport. The first season has been a blast.
Charlie - Torquay League
I love play netball league, have made new friends and enjoy it so much. Look forward to Tuesday's when I have netball.
Worthing League
I was put in a team as an individual in May but 6 months later we are still together and really good friends. The umpire, Sarah is really good. Super friendly and helpful.
Norwich League