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A few FAQ’S that may help:

-The majority of our leagues run for either 10 or 14 weeks, with either 6 or 8 teams in a league and multiple divisions. The divisions are not based on ability they are first come first serve. After the 10/14 weeks the top two from each division get promoted and the bottom two from each division get relegated meaning that after the first season the divisions will become much more based on ability and you will be a league with same ability players. 1st place in each league will receive trophies for all members of their team

-We ask our coordinators to upload pictures onto our Facebook pages however this is up to them and only if they have the time on the night

-Borrowing players are allowed in our leagues. Some leagues do have specific rules about borrowing however.

-The venue is hired by us so we have no control over the court, netball posts, nets, other bookings. If you have any worries about them then let us know and we will call the venue.

-If you are in an indoor league then you league is maxed out at 8 teams due to space in the hall and you will only have 1 division.

-If you are an outdoor league with more than 1 league of 8 then you will always be outside, we cant move inside for the winter as there wont be enough hall space to cover 2 or more leagues.

-We run top scorer and player of the match awards that are optional to teams but again the player of the season and top scorer of the season will also receive individual trophies.

-If you choose to pay for the whole season up front you will be eligible for our 10% discount price.

-We provide all equipment and umpires. Bibs are included so you just need to wear any sportswear.

-We don’t do training at play netball, we do a meet and greet as the first week so you can practice, get to know the umpires and have a refresher on the rules. The its matches each week, your team are of course welcome to train and we usually have 1 spare court each evening that this can be done on.

-All abilities are welcome in our leagues, a large number of our players haven’t played netball since school and this is their way back into netball.

-Our leagues are 18+ ages and ladies only.

Bad Weather

The words no netballer wants to hear – CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN!

With the winter season approaching we wanted to let you know how we deal with the rain. If it is raining in your location in the morning we will ask for updates from our coordinator until 3pm (as we are not based in the location we are going by the bbc weather app) , if the rain persists then at 3pm we will call the venue and ask them to check the courts as well as the coordinator and ask for their opinion.

All teams will be let know yes or no at 4pm. If it then starts to rain again between 4-7pm the games are still on! but we ask all players to play with caution.

If it stops raining and starts to clear up between 4-7pm then the games are still OFF! SORRY about this, this sometimes happens but hope you understand we dont want to mess around teams all the way up until 7pm going back and forth with ‘we are playing’, ‘we are not playing’ – we want to give people 3 hour notice at least if the games are on or off.

Ideally we would want to play every week regardless of weather and I know a lot of you are the same however some will not want to play in the rain and it could be dangerous to play on and we don’t want any injuries!

I've heard such great things about the leagues. I am planning to join the Farnham league and will get on your website to join. Great job in getting people back into playing netball and keeping fit.
Ruth - Farnham League
The umpires are amazing. So helpful and informative. It’s great fun and really good atmosphere
Worthing League
Had a fantastic time tonight! Really enjoying myself and learning loads. Now becoming Netball-obsessed!!!
Sabrina - Nottingham League
The Portsmouth Umpires are so friendly and welcoming. They make the evening really enjoyable. I went as an individual and was really nervous, but really glad I went.
Julie - Portsmouth League
The umpires are Middlesbrough are amazing. They are always trying to support and help us. They are really friendly, helpful and supportive
Middlesbrough League