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The GK is the last line of defence, usually matches up against the oppositions best (and tallest) shooter.  They need to be able to apply pressure in a small space and communicate with their GD and WD.
Basic skills include intercepting passes into the circle, pressuring the GS when they are shooting by marking their shot and jumping for rebounds after missed shots.

Goal Defence
The GD is one half of the circle defence who needs to be able to defend in the circle and in mid-court.  They need to be athletic as they are a key link between the defence and attack when the ball is turned over.
Basic skills include defending the GA mid-court, pressuring the GA when they are shooting and linking the ball from defence to attack.

Wing Defence
The WD is the main defender in the mid-court.  They help the two circle defenders by applying pressure to the other team’s attack, as well as being the main link from the defensive third into attack when the ball is turned over.
Basic skills include being good at reading the game in order to intercept passes, defending the WA in mid-court and the circle edge.

The C is the engine of the team and links the play between both ends of the court.  They need great stamina and skill in both attack and defence, as well as good spacial awareness.
Basic skills include being agile to always get free for a pass, good ball handling skills to be able to catch the ball on the run and pass on to team mates, and quick reactions to be able to keep up with play as the ball moves from defence to attack.


Wing Attack
The WA is the main feeder into the shooting circle.  They are creative with good footwork and ball handling skills.  They need to be able to get free from a defender and pass accurately to their shooters.
Basic skills include driving to receive centre passes, getting free from the WD and passing into the shooting circle.

Goal Attack
The GA is the main play-maker on court with both the ability to shoot and bring the ball out of the mid-court.  They need to be athletic enough to be able to evade a GD and drive into the shooting circle.
Basic skills include shooting, driving to receive centre passes and jumping for rebounds after missed shots.

Goal Shooter
The GS is the main goal scorer on the team therefore is usually the taller of the two shooters.  They are able to get free from defenders in tight spaces with great ball handling skills to be able to receive different types of passes in to them.
Basic skills include shooting, getting free from the GK and jumping for rebounds from missed shots.


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It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. The people are so welcoming & friendly it doesn’t matter that you start off as a stranger. The added coaching has helped me no end. It’s great!
Ashford League
I was put in a team as an individual in May but 6 months later we are still together and really good friends. The umpire, Sarah is really good. Super friendly and helpful.
Norwich League
My team were put together as individuals and it has been great. I am getting fitter, made new friends and loving my Monday evenings at Weydon School.
Becca - Farnham League
I love Worthing Tuesday league. It's so fun and a great way of getting fit with your friends. Such lovely people and umpires
Worthing League
I live for Tuesday nights now. I love the league.
Plymouth League