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Welcome to PLAY NETBALL Stoke-on-Trent

Address: St Peters Academy, Fenton Manor, ST4 2RR



Tuesday (Indoors)

Wednesday (Indoors)

Match Times:

Tuesday 6.30pm, 7.10pm, 7.50pm and 8.30pm

Wednesday 7,00pm, 7.40pm, 8.20pm and 9.00pm

Game Length:

36 minutes

Game Frequency:



18 years plus

Season Length:

14 Weeks

Cost for a 14 week season:


Upfront –  10% discount applied

Weekly – £40.00


Weekly fee – Between £4-6 (depending on the size of your team) * Play Netball will try get you in a team of ten, working out as £4.55 per person.



We will link you up with like minded players to form a team of 7 or 10.


If you can produce a team of 7/10 people on a weekly basis, joining as a team is the option for you.


If you have between 2 – 6 players who want to be in the same team.


Step 1

Express an Interest

Step 2

Play Netball emails you more information (Please check your Junk Folder)

Step 3

You confirm that you would like to join

Step 4

Play Netball adds your team or links you with a team or other players

Step 5

Play Netball provides fixture and other information

Step 6

Your turn up, play, laugh and keep fit.



I love play netball league, have made new friends and enjoy it so much. Look forward to Tuesday's when I have netball.
Worthing League
f you are considering joining this then GO FOR's a brilliant, friendly league. A great way to get back into netball. If you register on your own they will put you into a team or if you can get a team of 7 together then even better. You'll love it. Wednesday league is so much fun 👍
Becky - Stoke-on-Trent League
I was put in a team as an individual in May but 6 months later we are still together and really good friends. The umpire, Sarah is really good. Super friendly and helpful.
Norwich League
My team were put together as individuals and it has been great. I am getting fitter, made new friends and loving my Monday evenings at Weydon School.
Becca - Farnham League
I signed up for the Leicester league girls and I've got a great team and made loads of new friends. For anyone thats nervous don't be it's great 👌🏻💪🏻
Amy - Leicester League