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Player of the Match

Play Netball offer a Player of the Match award. You just need to let your umpires know who you think the best player on your opposition team was after the game. Our league coordinators will keep a tally of these and let you know at the end of the season the results.

*Please note that this is an optional competition and doesn’t run in all of our leagues. Its worth checking with your coordinator if this competition runs in your league.


I live for Tuesday nights now. I love the league.
Plymouth League
Lots of advise given and coaching alongside the games which I like. All in all a really friendly bunch
Ashford League
Had a fantastic time tonight! Really enjoying myself and learning loads. Now becoming Netball-obsessed!!!
Sabrina - Nottingham League
Loving this league
Sarah - Swansea League
I've heard such great things about the leagues. I am planning to join the Farnham league and will get on your website to join. Great job in getting people back into playing netball and keeping fit.
Ruth - Farnham League