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Exeter Wednesday League Three - Netball - Football Invasion, Wokingham, England
Exeter Wednesday League Three    (October 2019)
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All Sorts 00000000
Netbelles 00000000
Team 2 00000000
Wonford Warriors 00000000

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I've heard such great things about the leagues. I am planning to join the Farnham league and will get on your website to join. Great job in getting people back into playing netball and keeping fit.
Ruth - Farnham League
The umpires are amazing. So helpful and informative. It’s great fun and really good atmosphere
Worthing League
I was put in a team as an individual in May but 6 months later we are still together and really good friends. The umpire, Sarah is really good. Super friendly and helpful.
Norwich League
I live for Tuesday nights now. I love the league.
Plymouth League
I've enjoyed every moment and can honestly say that I've met some wonderful ladies along the way!
Stacey - Torquay League