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Play Netball runs a brilliant top scorer competition in each of our leagues.

Just click on the Top Scorer link and fill in the form. At the end of the league,

if you are the top scorer you will get a trophy.

Also on offer is Player of the Match. If you think someone on your team or the opposing team played well, just click on the Player of the Match link and fill in the form.

ALL forms will be uploaded onto our system every Friday.  


My team were put together as individuals and it has been great. I am getting fitter, made new friends and loving my Monday evenings at Weydon School.
Becca - Farnham League
My friend recommended Play Netball to me. I am so glad she did.
Katie - Basingstoke League
Had a fantastic time tonight! Really enjoying myself and learning loads. Now becoming Netball-obsessed!!!
Sabrina - Nottingham League
Really enjoying playing and being part of a team. I met some lovely people and had a great laugh!
Emma - Torquay League
I've heard such great things about the leagues. I am planning to join the Farnham league and will get on your website to join. Great job in getting people back into playing netball and keeping fit.
Ruth - Farnham League