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Ipswich Wednesday League Two - Netball - Football Invasion, Wokingham, England
Ipswich Wednesday League Two    (November 2018)
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  GP  W  L  T  GF  GA  PTS  GD  WP 
Nutty Netters 220028231251.000
Nets Top Models 21103123880.500
Hope for the Best 21102828800.500
Misdirection 202018313-130.000

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It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. The people are so welcoming & friendly it doesn’t matter that you start off as a stranger. The added coaching has helped me no end. It’s great!
Ashford League
The umpires are Middlesbrough are amazing. They are always trying to support and help us. They are really friendly, helpful and supportive
Middlesbrough League
I've heard such great things about the leagues. I am planning to join the Farnham league and will get on your website to join. Great job in getting people back into playing netball and keeping fit.
Ruth - Farnham League
Loving this league
Sarah - Swansea League
The umpires are amazing. So helpful and informative. It’s great fun and really good atmosphere
Worthing League