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Welcome to PLAY NETBALL Crawley

Address: K2 Crawley, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley, RH11 9BQ




Match Times:

7pm, 7.40pm and 8.20pm

Game Length:

36 minutes

4 x 9 minute quarters

Game Frequency:



18 years plus

Season Length:

10/14 Weeks

Cost for a ten week season:


Upfront – 10% discount applied

Weekly – £40


Weekly fee – Between £4-6 (depending on the size of your team) * Play Netball will try get you in a team of ten, working out as £40 per person.





We will link you up with like minded players to form a team of 7 or 10.


If you can produce a team of 7/10 people on a weekly basis, joining as a team is the option for you.


if you have between 2 – 6 players that want to be in the same team.


Click Step 1

Express an Interest

Step 2

Play Netball emails you more information (Please check your Junk Folder)

Step 3

You confirm that you would like to join

Step 4

Play Netball adds your team or links you with a team or other players

Step 5

Play Netball provides fixture and other information

Step 6

Your turn up, play, laugh and keep fit.


I live for Tuesday nights now. I love the league.
Plymouth League
My team were put together as individuals and it has been great. I am getting fitter, made new friends and loving my Monday evenings at Weydon School.
Becca - Farnham League
I signed up for the Leicester league girls and I've got a great team and made loads of new friends. For anyone thats nervous don't be it's great
Amy - Leicester League
The Portsmouth Umpires are so friendly and welcoming. They make the evening really enjoyable. I went as an individual and was really nervous, but really glad I went.
Julie - Portsmouth League
f you are considering joining this then GO FOR's a brilliant, friendly league. A great way to get back into netball. If you register on your own they will put you into a team or if you can get a team of 7 together then even better. You'll love it. Wednesday league is so much fun ????
Becky - Stoke-on-Trent League